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A respected author published in multiple medical publications, Dr. Drapkin has turned his attention to educating the public directly in such a way that one doesn’t require a medical degree to understand what he’s talking about..

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Robert Drapkin’s latest book, Over 40:

We are born, we develop, we decline, and we die. The purpose of this book is to prolong the “develop” and delay the “decline” by building muscle through exercise, diet, and by understanding how your body works. The most important aspect of good health and longevity is knowledge.

The first part of this book will increase your understanding of how your body works. The second part of this book will outline the actions or path to build muscle, lower your body fat and increase your energy. In part three you will learn about supplements. Once you have the knowledge, you can create your own healthy life style.

We inherit the genes of our parents and we learn from our parents what to eat and we mimic their lifestyle, at least in early life. To improve, we need to learn from their mistakes and learn the new knowledge available today. Today there is an epidemic of obesity leading to an epidemic of metabolic diseases. All of these problems can be prevented or lessened with the knowledge in this book.

Modern medicine prefers to palliate (to ease symptoms without curing) metabolic syndrome, hypertension, insulin resistant diabetes, and hyperlipidemia with simple medications. Many of these problems can be eliminated by life style changes if you are motivated and if you understand your body and if you learn from this book.

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