Dr. Robert Drapkin: MD, Body Builder and Fitness Expert

Published in Health and Lifestyles, Las Vegas Tribune, July 13-19, 2016
By Sandy Zimmerman,  Photos by Dr. Robert Drapkin

Dr. Robert Drapkin, MD, FACP, board certified physician in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care, is a man of many facets, a doctor who see his patients in different lights.

Not simply specializing in health but adding fitness and happiness to the mix. He is not the usual doctor.
Dr. Drapkin’s patients are men and women over 40 years of age, a time to watch the changes in their body to improve their lives by preventing the metabolic diseases of aging.

Dr. Robert Drapkin

Dr. Robert Drapkin, MD

Dr. Drapkin says, “Prescription medications mask symptoms rather than treating the cure, leading the patient to continue with an unhealthy lifestyle.” He calls these “solutions for America’s unhealthy lifestyle habits.”
Healthy lifestyles include eating right, exercising and regulating your weight. As his website illustrates, “Dr. Drapkin is passionate about helping people improve their lives through the proper use of nutrition, diet and exercise. With his real life experience as a leading medical professional and a senior world class body builder, he brings the perfect balance of compassion and energy during a performance that’s backed up by his personal research, education, and ‘beenthere, done-that’ attitude. He inspires and moves audiences to take action by providing the living-liferight fundamentals that are essential to health and longevity.”

Dr. Drapkin wants to uncover and share this knowledge that has been only known to scientists and athletes. In addition to seeing patients, he is busy writing articles in science journal’s and textbooks.

The doctor’s FOUR WARNING SIGNS will surprise you because they are commonly mistaken for “part of the aging process” in his book, “Over 40 & Sexy as Hell!”, and delineates the solutions as to what to do if they should occur:

  1. How prescription medications hide the symptoms rather than find a cure.
  2. What steps patients can take to get off of prescription medications and start living a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Dr. Drapkin’s personal experience on how he turned his own unhealthy lifestyle around and became a champion bodybuilder after the age of 40.
  4. Tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle and encourage a healthy aging process

Doctor Drapkin says, “Dependency on prescription medication gives the patient a false sense of security and enables him to continue unhealthy lifestyle habits. Many people are told that the symptoms they feel are part of ‘growing old’ when they are not — the current medical culture in the United States focuses on treating the symptoms of the sick and does little to prevent to most common chronic diseases.”

For more information visit the website www.drrobertmdfacp.com.

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